Is Polye the right man for PM?

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Is maintaining stability a cowardly act?” (The National, Sept 9) by Jax Mahn.
It gives us a good summary of the intentions of Don Polye and what is happening in national politics.
The writing is on the wall for the prime minister to step aside and let a new leader step up and take the country forward.
I do not think Polye is the right person based on what he said in Gumine recently.
His regionalism approach is not the way forward because it will continue to breed fragmentation in PNG politics.
We need someone who is a strong nationalist and who represents the interest of the highlands, Momase, southern and NGI.
But the problem is those who fit the category are not in the position to vie for power like NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
Also according to a conspiracy theory, a highlander will never become PM or military commander. Paias Wingti was at the helm for a brief period.
There are talks about the PM handing power to his son Arthur.


Maximus Kaupa