Is there quality in free education?

Letters, Normal

THE Government’s decision to push for a free elementary education is commendable.
But I am not sure if it will provide quality education.
It is important to realise that elementary education is the first stage of the learning process; where the foundation of a child is laid.
Some questions raised are:
l Can the free education policy be successfully implemented?
l What are the implications? A good example could be seen from the free education policy of the previous Southern Highlands provincial government. How many SHP students made it to the tertiary level?
l Will the funds arrive in time for the school to operate effectively?
l Who will provide the basic supplies?
l When will the heads of institutions be transparent?
From my observation, people in the villages need to be educated on the definition of the term “free education”.
Many people do not want to pay any fees because of “free education”.
As a result, it has led to schools being forced to close before the academic year ends and caused a dramatic drop in academic performance of students.
The examination marking panel has blacklisted SHP as a cheating province.
Thus, the “A” and “B” grading of students was not taken seriously by the tertiary selections panel.
Furthermore, how many sons and daughters of these policy makers are at international schools or studying overseas?
Let’s be realistic, we must pay fees in order to achieve a quality education.
Look at those children studying at international schools.
They are so far ahead compared to students in public schools.– JM Magena Wellington