Isifu tasked with calling elections

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THE Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu will issue on Thursday 6375 writs for the local level government elections to mark the start of the process.
People will elect their ward members who will later elect the presidents of the local level governments.
Isifu said Cabinet had rescinded a decision to allow provinces to have LLG presidents directly elected by the people.
The head of state subsequently signed the instrument of revocation which was gazetted on March 9 last year.
Isifu said nominations would close on May 2, with voting to start on June 22 and end on July 6. The writs will be returned on or before July 26.
He said the Electoral Commission had finalised election preparations, including the printing of the ballot papers.
Isifu also said the monthly allowances for ward members had been paid up to last December with the K72 million allocated by the Government.
He said deputy LLG presidents were also paid the same rate of K400 monthly.
Isifu called on provincial governments to assist in paying the monthly allowances of women representatives in the LLGs at the same rate.
Current ward members including LLG presidents remain in office until the return of writs on July 26. Their monthly allowances from January to July this year will be paid once funds are released by the departments of Treasury and Finance.
Isifu warned public servants who want to contest the elections to resign before the issuing of writs on Thursday.