Isikiel helps Markham school

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013


HOUSING Minister Paul Isikiel has come to the aid of Markham Valley High School with funds to refurbish classrooms, dormitories and teachers’ houses.

The minister and Markham MP presented K500,000 to Hardware Haus which has been contracted to undertake the project.

 Isikiel also signed a cheque for K598,000 to cater for Markham students attending tertiary institutions throughout the country.

“Human resource is a fundamental element in any sustainable development activities that I feel honoured to invest for future elites,” he said.

He added that due to governments free education policy, there was influx of student enrollment resulting in less classrooms and dormitories to cater for the increase.

“The ground situation does not warrant that’s why I have to step in to assist with a double classroom and dormitories including a three bedroom teacher house,” Isikiel said.

Hardware Haus chief executive Richard McGuinness said that all buildings would be constructed with steel frames that were manufactured, designed and certified in PNG.

“Steel frame housing materials are cheaper  than timber but its finish products were bought from abroad,” he said.

McGuinness said he would ensure that construction materials were moved to the site immediately for the work to begin.