Isikiel outlines plans for Markham

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

THE national government will continue to support free education while making more money available for infrastructure and socio-economic development in the next five years, Markham MP Paul Isikiel says.
Isikiel, who is also Housing Minister, made the statement during the Independence celebrations in the district.
He visited three events in the Umi-Atzera local level government area and pointed out project plans for the district over the next five years.
Isikiel said during his two months in office, he had secured K2 million for the Umi Vocational Centre, funding for the Onga-Wafa road and bridges and the construction of the Mamaringan-Matep-Wantoat.
He also promised a water supply project using windmills to be implemented at the end of next year to complement the rural electrification programme in the district.
“I will give my best in the next five years and deliver services to the people, making Markham become the role model district in Morobe,” he said.
“It only took me three weeks to secure funds for roads and bridges in Markham and I have the capacity to deliver to the people.
“I want those who cannot make it to further education to take up vocational training because the demand for technical people is poised to increase with the resource developments that are happening.”
Isikiel vowed to help develop the Markham Valley oil palm project, a joint venture between the Morobe provincial government and the people.
He said a new Markham district administration office complex would be built.
“I can tell you that Markham district, unlike others, is well advanced in our planning and are strategising to gain from our plans.
“There are lots of competitions for project funding and I have lots of time to frame tangible development to ensure you benefit,” he said.
He said the Markham people lived in the “food bowl” of the country and must strive to capture economic developments.
He thanked the churches for their contributions towards development and committed one tenth of the district funds to the churches from next year onwards.