Isikiel warns NHC

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The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

NEW Housing Minister, Paul Isikiel, has warned corrupt officers in the National Housing Commission that their days are numbered.
Isikiel said in an interview in Port Moresby yesterday that
he would be weeding out corrupt public servants involved in bad practices that denied many Papua New Guineans affordable accommodation.
Isikiel said corrupt public servants were tarnishing the commission’s good name.
“I am determined to restore the good name of the commission.”
He said one of his top priorities would be to provide housing for both public servants and private sector workers.
Isikiel said he would be bringing the housing matter to the government to discuss and look for ways to provide housing for all working class citizens of the country.
He said housing should be made affordable so that the
low income earners could afford to rent or pay off a house through pay deductions.