Islanders going hungry


Over 800 displaced islanders living in a care centre are raising questions over the use of about K4 million provided to them by the National Disaster Office.
The displaced Kadovar islanders in East Sepik residing at the Dandan Care Centre have faced food shortages for about five months.
The islanders have been living at the care centre since 2018 following volcanic activity on Kadovar Island.
They have called on Wewak MP Kevin Isifu to audit the funds and services meant for the care centre and confirm their permanent relocation.
Councillor Abraham Salleb said food shortage has greatly affected their children’s education.
“Fishing may be our only source of trading but once we run out of fuel or the weather turns out bad, we will not be able to trade,” he said.
“Children’s right to education has been deprived adding more pressure on mothers looking for ways to provide food to sustain their families.”
Salleb said a road project which was supposed to benefit them was left incomplete and two boats and a vehicle were operating in Wewak and not benefiting them.
He said they were concerned about how much of the K4 million allocated for them was left to cater for their current situation.

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