Islanders still awaiting funds for resettlement


WE have been following the news about the investigation into the misappropriation of funds marked for the Manam Restoration Authority.
It is sad that the millions of kina allocated were allegedly misappropriated by people in authority in Madang while the islanders suffered and did not benefit from the funds that were released by the Government.
We in East Sepik are asking if an investigation of some sort can be done into funds that were released for the Kadovar islanders.
They are currently temporarily settled at the care centre at Dandan, along the Wewak eastern coast.
We ere told that K5 million was marked to help the islanders in a possible resettlement programme.
However, we are not sure if the money has been released.
We have been asking questions for people in authority in Wewak and East Sepik to tell us how the islanders could be helped.
So far, no one has responded to our questions.
We, the people in Wewak, are asking too about the long-term plans for the islanders who are settling in Dandan.
Are they going to be living there forever? If so, have the landowners agreed to this.
We want the people in authority to tell us that. We are aware of the problems faced by Manam islanders who have been resettled on the mainland.
We do not want our Kadovar islanders in Wewak to face the same issues.
As a start, we want an investigation into the money that was marked to help with the Wewak islanders.
Was K5 million from the Government given? If so, where is it? How was it used?

Wewak Islander