ISO 9001 Certificate removed by unanimous decision: Kase

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THE ISO 9001 Certificate was removed as a requirement in 2014 by an unanimous decision during the pre-bid meeting to procure and supply medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, says Health Secretary Pascoe Kase.
Kase who had told the Public Accounts Committee earlier that the ISO 9001 certificate was removed at the request of City Pharmacy, retracted his statement yesterday.
He said according to the minutes of the pre-bid meeting, the decision was made unanimously by all who attended the meeting.
“Previously, ISO 9001 Certificate was never a requirement.
“So the bidding companies asked for clarification but after that, there was an unanimous decision to remove it from the ISO as none of the companies had the ISO 9001 certificate,” he said.
Deputy committee chairman Gary Juffa questioned Kase if it was okay for the country to lower its standards and put the lives of the people at risk.
“Why should we lower our standards so that companies who bid can be eligible?” Juffa asked.
“Shouldn’t the companies lift their standards so that they can meet the requirements?”
“And if they had failed to meet the requirements then we could have tendered internationally for the sake of our people.”
Juffa said the Health Department had failed the people and put many lives at risk by lowering standards.
“If Australia and New Zealand and other countries are using this standards, why are we not?”


  • Jufa is very correct. Removing standards is clear indication of corruption. There is no safeguard for the people’s health. Kase should have known better.

  • This is totally wrong and PAC should call upon all those that voted to disregard ISO compliance to give their reason why they cant be charged.

  • With all the deaths over the years with drug shortages…the former health secretary should be accountable for that. There are more untold that needs to be told.

  • Health Secretary Kase should be ashame of himself and the PAC should refer him to the appropriate authorities to charge him and send him to Bomana.

  • Report says “Previously, ISO 9001 Certificate was never a requirement” but also says “ISO 9001 Certificate was removed as a requirement in 2014”

  • Kase changed his story after initially pointing finger at City Pharmacy regarding ISO 9001.
    Watch for more changes to his statements in coming days.
    The only person who can believe the health secretary is the man himself, a very deluded man indeed.
    I am “really concerned” for this mental health

  • kase should come out clearly and explain to the people of p.n.g why are we running out of medicines within the country and stop going out of topic blameing city pharmacy,you wokimol people i suffer true so you must be blame for your wrong decisions.

  • Kase must be charged for man slaughter. He and his team removed the ISO standard to qualify companies to bid for the procurement and distribution of the drugs. This clearly tells me that he has knowingly lowered the standard of health system in PNG. With the education head in jail, I demand to see this Kase in jail as well. Lock him up, lock him up. Let us all shout, lock Kase Up, Lock Kase Up, Lock Kase Up.

  • Mr Kase you have failed to protect the health interest of the 8 million people of PNG. You deserve a place at Bomana locked up and the keys thrown away.

  • Greed and self centeredness has blocked normal vision to serve this important service delivery department. Those that have a hand & say in the entire deals are no match to the number of victims, both dead, alive and suffering. What a shame.

  • Severe jsutice must be done to such people, who don’t consider the importance of life.

    When (leaders) you get sick or your family members, you just fly to Singapore or the Philippines and get medicated and come home. You don’t feel the pain PNG is feeling..You are living in a fake world. In a press of a butten your jet is ready to take you abroad for medication… You give us second grade medeicines.. This is NOT right. Sir Pundari and Mr Jufa…justice must be done

    Crucifer someone alive in front of the Parliament hause na PNG bai lukim na ol big man bai kisim taim. PNG is for 8 million people not for few big heads.

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