Isoaimo hails dairy farm project

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Kairuku Hiri Peter Isoaimo is full of praise for the development of the K100 million Ilimo Dairy Farm project in his electorate in Central.
Isoaimo was told during a tour of the farm with the investors last week that the 400-hectare farm would have 515 cows to produce milk daily and half of that land would produce Guinea grass and maize feed crops to feed the cows and calves.
“The Ilimo Dairy Farm, outside Port Moresby, will produce both fresh and flavoured milk, yoghurt and yoghurt drinks, ice cream and dairy snacks,” Isoaimo said.
“The dairy farm will start production by January 2018.
“Fresh milk and other dairy products are expected to be on shelves of supermarkets in the city with the possibility of doubling the number of producing cows, depending on demand.
“A huge electorate like this needs investors and donor agencies to bring development through more such impact projects.”
Isoaimo told the investors that the farm was a huge investment for the Kairuku-Hiri district and he would be looking forward to more major dairy farm projects and also review the old rundown cattle farms.
“The district service improvement project funds allocated for the huge district are not enough and I’m happy today to see that this project will create more employment opportunities for the people in agriculture industry,” he said.
“I want to support you investors and donor agencies to help develop the huge electorate.
“The electorate has been left out of government services for the last 30 years.”
Meanwhile, Innovative Agro Industry business development manager Gallit Tamir said the dairy farm was established with the aim of replacing dairy imports.
Tamir said the project was worth K100 million and included a modern dairy processing plant capable of churning out 19,500 litres of milk daily.
The farm employed 180 locals who were trained in the different stages of dairy production.