Israel’s Holy Pharmacy opens shop

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 A NEW pharmaceutical company from Israel, aptly named Holy Pharmacy, has opened a branch in Western Highlands and is selling products from the Holy Land.

The branch was opened on Saturday in Mt Hagen. It will sell  products such as anointing oil, perfumes, soaps and costumes from the famed Dead Sea.

Israeli businessman Alex Barak, the guest at the opening, is a shop and a museum owner. His museum is on top of the boat which was used by Jesus Christ as narrated in the Bible.

Regular journeys to the Holy Land by Christians from PNG has opened the door for people to touch, use and view materials from the Dead Sea.

The Holy Pharmacy is operated by Barak in partnership with Western Highlands businessman Robert Tali. Ten percent of any money they made would go into “Alyah”, which means Israel restored.

Tali and Barak got to know each other when Tali visited the Holy Land.

Living Word Ministries International’s  Pastor Albert Pawa would work with the Holy Pharmacy to receive tithes and support Alyah.

Pawa said it was the first pharmacy in the country that would sell materials from Israel.

“To pray over a sick person, we need olive oil but when we don’t have it, we pray and bless any oil and pour it over a person who is ill,” Pawa said.

“But now it is our privilege that we are having them here in our country.”

Barak said it was a privilege to do business in Papua New Guinea.