Israel’s recognition a giant step for PNG

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 THE recent trip made by Peter O’Neill to Israel is the best state visit by any prime minister in Papua New Guinea’s history. 

Past prime ministers have made trips around the world to make deals but nothing tangible has eventuated from all the deals made.

The recent trip made by our PM to Israel is a history in itself as no country in the past has done what Israel has done. 

Israel has allowed PNG tourists to travel to Israel without the need for visas and vic e-versa. 

Israel may have its own reasons for allowing such, but a country surrounded by enemies has allowed PNG to become like one of its own family members through giving PNG citizens the same treatment as its own people.

For many years we have been neighbours with Australia and it is clear that Australia does not care for PNG.

Many Australians do not even know that PNG exists. 

Australia has been keen on using PNG for its own gains while at the same time restricting visas for our people to travel to Australia. 

In the international arena, Australia appears to to be one humanitarian nation, but deep within there is a strong resentment towards blacks that has existed for generations since the first white settlers settled in Australia. 

The clear indication is the treatment of the aborigines in Australia by the white Australians and the clear ignorance of the events of massacres that is occurring in Indonesia, one of its closest neighbours.

Australia goes to the international court to sue Japan for killing whales in the Antarctic seas but cannot do the same with Indonesia’s abhorrent treatment of West Papuans. 

AusAID is one instrument that is aimed at weakening PNG.

The aid comes with its clauses . So no matter how big the figures may be, the tangible effect on the ground is minimal. 

As such, the relationship with Israel is one step in the right direction that will help PNG be more economically independent.

PNG should further strengthen its bilateral relationship with Israel by engaging mining companies from Israel.

It should seek more technical expertise on the use of our ever abundant resources for electricity, border surveillance, military resources, etc. 

The list of things that Israel can do for PNG is unlimited as Israel is one of the nations that has achieved everything it has using its limited resources and has survived trials over thousands of years.

While we know both Australia and Israel’s history, one can conclude that Australia has been using PNG since day one.

Riwi Rindi