Israel keen to continue support


ISRAEL has pledged to continue its support towards investment in the country’s private sector.
Ambassador Tibor Schlosser said he was pleased to note that Israeli company Innovative Agro Industries was already in the country.
“I have been here in Papua New Guinea in less than two days,” Schlosser said.
“But during these two days, I had the opportunity to experience the warmth of your welcome from everyone I met which demonstrated strong friendship.
“I am not only here to present my credentials but to visit your country as well.
“I will try to see as much as I can, why investors are very important here.
“We will continue to assist you.
“The business relationship exists but this is one of the areas that we would like to expand and strengthen.
“We have a few Israeli companies here.
“We will assist in any way in terms of road developments, satellite communication that also work in Papua New Guinea.
“But we also believe that with the exemption of visas, we can widen the cooperation of the private sector and to make it more accessible to Israeli companies and vice versa.”
Schlosser will be Israel’s ambassador to other Pacific Islands countries as well.
“I am responsible for most of the Pacific Islands states,” he said.
“But with Papua New Guinea, I would admit, we have a very strong relationship that we cherish.”