It’s back to basic for us at Telikom next year, says Loko

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TELIKOM PNG is going back to basics to grow the business in the New Year.
Telikom chief executive officer Peter Loko announced this during the company’s year theme launch in Port Moresby last Wednesday.
The 2010 business year theme, “Back to basics and growing the business” was launched at Telikom Rumana head office and witnessed by representatives from its subsidiaries its staff.
Mr Loko explained that “back to basics and growing the business” simply meant its staff doing basic things like, responding to customer queries promptly and for management to be bold in making decisions and not passing the buck.”
Mr Loko said these basic things were overlooked and needed to be practiced if Telikom wanted to succeed in big projects that were planned for the coming year.
He said this year had been tough but despite that there had been some real progress made in the business growth.
Mr Loko said this progress were made possible by the commitment, sacrifice and hard work of Telikom staff.
“In preparation to do even better next year, I have talked to the respective management teams and discussed the achievements and highlighted the areas that needed improvement,” Mr Loko said.
“To achieve big things that we plan for and to achieve the improvements, we have to get back to basics and start from small things,” he said.
While pleased with the progress made so far, Mr Loko said the challenges were greater and he challenged his staff to make a difference in whatever task they undertook to ensure the results brought great joy and pride to all including stakeholders.
Mr Loko also referred to one of the value statements on the T-shirts worn by the management team that read “the buck stops with me” and challenged the team that it’s about time they stop
passing the buck and be bold and make the decision where and when it is due”.
“I believe if all Papua New Guineans take this and practice it, PNG will change,” he said.