It’s important to invest in agriculture

Letters, Normal

Agriculture industry supports more than 80% of the livelihood in Papua New Guinea.
It remains the backbone of PNG and requires special government attention.
Our favourable climate and weather conditions, and fertile soil are suitable for agricultural activities.
With appropriate farming methods and strategies, we can make this industry grow bigger and reduce our ever-increasing demand for manufactured foodstuff from overseas.
Nature has blessed PNG with productive land and we must make full use of it.
There is no reason for us to complain and depend on the government to provide everything we need.
We have almost 97% of the land and what the people need is initiative from the government.
There are bountiful benefits our land can offer us if we use them wisely.
We can use it for cultivation, business, projects, raising livestock, etc.
These activities can help us manage a productive and meaningful life.
I urge everyone to value our land and invest wisely on it.


Michael Drake Kapu
Port Moresby