It’s time for Mendi to regain its old charm

Letters, Normal

Mendi was once a beautiful place with crystal clear water, teeming jungle with a multitude of plants and animals, and the local people were courteous.
Whoever had been to Mendi then must have felt it was paradise.
It was also known as Murumbu, the land of Naiko country, and the home of two winding rivers, nourishing the soil and supplying the needs of local people with fish and farming.
However, political rivalries and warfare crept into the peace-loving and law-abiding people of Kape, Umbimi, Wakwak and Tata. 
They have destabilised and ruined the once beautiful place. 
The roads today are infested with potholes that made the place look awful, nasty and an eyesore.
Where are the Kumins and the Kiburuans?
Stop hiding and come out.
Let us stand together, holding hands in peace and unity to fight against these chronic diseases and bring back the old beauty and charm of our little town.
Our government buildings are rotting away with rain water leaking all over.
Some had been set on fire by criminal elements. 
The hospital, schools, health centres, roads, bridges and airport facilities are deteriorating with no tangible government services. 
The public servants are roaming Port Moresby and collecting their pay cheques every fortnight for doing nothing except drinking in Boroko pubs, playing pokies at Hideaway and talking big man politics at Lamana club.
Crooks with false claims are ripping taxpayers off their money while honest individuals are working to death trying to make ends meet.
When will our people make use of their God-given brain to make an honest living and stay away from corruption?
If we want to see and enjoy progress, then we have to get rid of our sins and end tribal warfare just like the Tumjup of Wagia and Punwaip of Unjamap.
They have reconciled so that peace and harmony can prevail. 
Divided we fall, united we stand must be out motto and resolution.
As such, I appeal to all citizen of Southern Highlands province and those residing elsewhere to put all our differences aside and work together with MP Pastor Isaac Joseph. 
He is young, vibrant, diligent and capable of delivering services. 
We must work together as a team so that we can bring back the former glory and charm Mendi was known for.


Hela Hamene
Port Moresby