It’s time for new blood in PNGRFL

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your series of articles about the election of the new PNGRFL chairman and related issues.
Firstly, Mr Bennett is merely an observer and no longer has any involvement with rugby league in this country. He is meant to be impartial and not take sides with Mr Veratau. When he was the coach, PNG achieved nothing and he is still trying to influence the board.
Secondly, there are reports of missing funds. Mr Veratau needs to come out and explain. A loss of K700,000 is ridiculous and needs to be investigated. An audit on the PNGRFL finances must be conducted. If there is mismanagement, then those involved must be charged.
Thirdly, it is noted that one of the biggest rugby league centres, Port Moresby, has received funds for the zone games and is the only side to receive financial support while others got nothing and were told there was no funding.
The rural centres, where most of our talents are, have been neglected for years.
How does the PNGRFL expect to move forward when it cannot even support its main playing base?
The smaller centres are left to fend for themselves and most of them have to carry out fundraisers just to meet their affiliation fees.
This said, the so-called ineligible smaller centres that the previous board said did not pay their fees was incorrect; they paid with their own blood and sweat with no help from the PNGRFL at all.
So the argument of no quorum does not stand.
Mr Bennett and Mr Veratau must stop using misguided excuses and come clean about the financial affairs of the PNGRFL.
The state of the main grounds in Lae, Goroka and Port Moresby is appalling.
The PRL is meant to be the country’s premier facility but the PNGRFL failed to maintain it.
The security is also ridiculous.
Previously, you can bring the whole family to watch a game but not so in recent years.
Rugby league is our so-called national sport but on and off-field violence has not been curbed.
The PNGRFL has again failed in this area.
Why aren’t more PNG players plying their trade overseas, especially Australia?
Can Mr Bennett and Mr Veratau explain this?
It is only through the work of Stanley Gene that PNG players have been able to play in England and he must be commended for his leadership and doing what the whole board was unable to achieve.
The list of poor management and dealings by the previous chairman and his board is endless.
As such, it is time for Mr Veratau and Mr Bennett to stand aside.
Rugby league in this country has suffered enough.
It is time for a new era and we need a strong leader and Mr Juffa is just that man.


New era
Via email