It’s time to do away with OLIPAC

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to support North Waghi MP Benjamin Mul who tested the legality of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPAC) by moving freely on the floor of Parliament to vote with the Government to pass the bills on the creation of the new Jiwaka and Hela provinces.
As a leader, what he did was right because he has been duly mandated by his people to represent and speak on their behalf in Parliament.
However, MPs could not exercise their rights over the years because of the OLIPAC.
It is a devil in itself because:
1. It dictates MPs and stops them from exercising their rights on the floor of Parliament to vote for or against bills that they think is good or not good for the people in their electorate and the country;
2. It contradicts section 42 on liberties of individual persons in the Constitution. Thus, individuals, including MPs, are to be free to make their own decisions, move freely to exercise their rights and not to be bounded or dictated by the policies of political parties that they belong.
Therefore, we must do away with this law because it is not helping or benefiting the people of this blessed and beautiful nation.


Koima Siwi