It’s time to name head of Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

THE Government recently appointed Tari-Pori MP James Marape as the chairman of the Hela Transition Authority.
But it has remained silent on the chairman of the Jiwaka Transition Authority.
Both Hela and Jiwaka are expected to become provinces in 2012, two years from now.
As such, it would be better if the Jiwaka chairman is appointed without any delay.
It is distressing to hear about members of the Jiwaka Working Committee trying to manoeuvre and force their way to become the chairman.
The precedent has been set with a Member of Parliament from Hela becoming the chairman.
Whether we like it or not, one of the three Jiwaka MPs will have to take up the post.
Leaders are mandated by the people and they have the right to lead the people, not a few individuals with vested interests.


Adnepa Ngalye
Busan, South Korea