It’s time to stop recycling leaders

Letters, Normal

The National

There are certainly “big holes” in the Government’s delivery system.
It appears incompetent and helpless and unable to find solutions to fix the inefficiencies that affecting the entire public service machinery.
Are our politicians so old that they do not understand how to lead this country effectively? 
Reading about corruption almost every day is sickening.
The inability of the Go­vernment to do anything positive has led to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge to say about the bad roads in Lae city: “The Government does not care, so why should I care?”
PNG has not developed to the level it should be be­cause of poor leadership.
PNG has to stop recycling old politicians as their “used by date” have expired long ago.
Let us put on our thinking caps and vote for young but honest and brilliant politicians who can bring about good results.
Let’s see if the Government will act positively on the findings of the COI into the Finance Department and whether it has any integrity to clean up the mess in the National Planning and Monitoring Department.
It is stupid to talk about vision 2050 when the house is shambles today.

M Kelton
Port Moresby