It’s time to swim or sink forever

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “White collar crime eating away PNG” (The National, Feb 15) by Kele Yako.
I support the comments by the writer. 
Papua New Guinea is rated as one of the worst countries to live in.
It is ranked 138 out of 140 countries, slightly better than Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
In 2006, Port Moresby was rated as one of the most notorious cities in the world, with the rank of 196 out of 200 countries surveyed.
Despite millions of dollars pumped into PNG as aid, nothing much has changed except the LNG projects that our leaders assume will redeem us.
Major issues are being suppressed and bureaucrats implicated in corruption are the winners.
Corruption has become entrenched in our culture.
Inquiries after inquiries have been conducted but no recommendation has been applied.
It seems the Prime Minister, his ministers and departmental heads are above the law.
They walk around as if everything is perfect.
Law and order problems have escalated and cholera is now making its presence felt while HIV/ AIDS has spread to the rural areas.
It has become an epidemic, just like white collar crime.
My point is “why can’t the Government take drastic, urgent and emergency action so we can at least have an organised, educated, civilised, healthy and responsible society of this beautiful nation?”
The more oppressed the citizen in their own land are, the higher the risk.
We don’t want to be another Zimbabwe or Congo.
The Government must look into overhauling its policies to meet the needs and demands of the 21st century, 20th century strategies.
Instead of producing so many school dropouts at a young age in Grade 8, it is time to abolish Grade 8 examinations and build more high schools, colleges and universities to cater for the increasing population.
Please stop using the same old unproductive ideas and ideals that existed before Independence.


Johnny Yapo
Manila, Philippines