IT analyst Tanya excels in a men’s world

Tanya Sevua at work at the Lae wharf. – Picture supplied.

INFORMATION technology system analyst Tanya Sevua finds working in a male-dominated field as challenging but not scary.
“It isn’t scary and nothing new to me. Most women these days are comfortable (doing) males-only jobs. Working with males will challenge how you think and will actually in a way motivate you to do better. I have worked with mostly males my whole career.”
Tanya is 26 and her parents are from Lou in Manus and Tufi in Oro. She is the eldest of three siblings.
“I am very blessed to have two supportive parents, dad Paul and mum Helen, who have taught me and my siblings a lot about hard work, stability and taking responsibilities.”
She was previously employed as an assistant fitter machinist with Consort Express Lines.
Tanya is now a senior IT system analyst with the South Pacific International Container Terminal (Spict) in Lae – the only female in a team of eight. She has been with the company for more than two years.
Her interest in IT developed in high school. She was 23 when she began her studies in IT. She started off studying maintenance fitting and machining. She acquired a diploma in systems administration at the IEA College of TAFE in Lae.
She thanks her parents, siblings, co-workers and best friend Kadara Wanu for being always there for her.
“They have helped me in so many ways – too many to count. They challenge me in a lot of ways to make me improve myself in everything I do. I’ll be always grateful to them.”
Her first biggest project was to create the company’s website.
“It was my first ever project. It was challenging and nerve-wrecking knowing that everyone was eager to see the outcome of the project. It was successful, and the website was officially launched last October (2019).”
There were two lessons she learnt. One, that heights are not that scary although safety comes first. Two, don’t be too comfortable with what you know.
Always be eager to learn new things every day.

“ Most women these days are comfortable (doing) males-only jobs. Working with males will challenge how you think and will actually in a way motivate you to do better.”

One of her biggest career challenges was transitioning from an IT support officer to being a system analyst.
“It was a complete switch of roles and it was difficult at first to adjust. After a year, I can gladly say it was truly a rollercoaster ride. Scary but exciting.”
She thanks those who have been her mentors: Bright Rayan who is the head of the IT department, Leo Sariwa the Spict IT manager and Chris Arufe the Spict terminal operating system manager.
In her free time, Tanya loves playing call of duty mobile, baking cupcakes with her sister and binge watching television shows.
She would love to work in a similar operation in another country.
“I hope to work in another ICTSI terminal in another part of the world.”
Tanya believes that hard work and commitment pay off.
“You have got to love what you do and be ready to take on anything.”