It is people’s choice

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The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

CRITICS of re-elected member for Menyamya, Benjamin Philip and losing candidates have been called on to accept the mandate given to him.
Micah Abraham, a community leader in Menyamya, described Philip as a grassroots leader with a heart for the people.
“We, the majority of his supporters from Menyamya and Aseki, call on all losing candidates to humble themselves and accept defeat,” he said.
“You are still our leaders and it is wiser to put our people’s interest first at this crucial time.
“We ask you to join hands with Philip in delivering much needed goods and services into the district.”
Abraham said the people did not want further delays through court battles against Philip by his rivals.
“Forget the mentality of hauslain (tribal alliance) and language and stand united to improve Menyamya and Aseki,” he said.
Menyamya Primary School head teacher Mun Yalamu, representing a group of public servants in Menyamya, joined the increasing calls against ousted governor Luther Wenge to accept defeat.
Yalamu said Wenge failed in his past two terms to address the deteriorated Menyamya highway and the Menyamya High School.
He said the former governor had made a promise to upgrade the school to secondary status.
“The highway, which is our lifeline, was neglected especially in his last two terms and the people have been risking themselves daily travelling into Lae.
“Another outstanding issue is the high school where Wenge only gave K200,000.”
He said governor-elect Kelly Naru “is a true Morobean who contributed to the people’s wellbeing and to the churches before entering politics”.
Yalamu said Wenge failed to address the controversial and illegal land deals in Lae.
He called on Naru to stick to his campaign platform of sharing wealth fairly with all rural people.