It pays to catch fish

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

VANIMO fishermen can catch up to 10 big fish weighing between   10 kg to 15kg daily.
These can fetch the family an income of about K1,500.
Fisherman Willie Wems, who resides at Vanimo point, said his family earned money from fishing to sustain their livelihood.
“Demand for fish is very high in Vanimo,” he said.
“We sell our fish to Vanimo Supermarket, hotels, Vanimo Ge­neral Hospital and Asians who do not mind paying one big fish for K200.”
Wems said the fish were caught 30m away from the reef and he could take about six hours at sea to catch 10 or more.
“First we have to catch the small fish to use as baits for the big ones,” he said.
“Then we will put the baits on the bigger 50 pound string and then troll.
“When the fish eats the bait, we have to pull hard and fast or the big fish will cut the line.