ITI offers K55,500 scholarship

Normal, Papua

THE International Training Institute (ITI) is offering K55,500 worth of scholarships next year for students attending secondary and high schools in the National Capital District and Central province.
This is the third year that ITI is offering such scholarships – 10 for Central province and 20 for NCD schools.
In a statement, team leader Kalau Marai said this initiative was part of ITI’s strategy to help the communities in and around NCD and Central province to relieve parents of school fees problems for their children.
“Each of the schools will be allocated one scholarship each,” he said in a statement.
Mr Marai said ITI had been working very hard to provide quality education for the people of PNG since its establishment in 1999 and also sponsors award in sports.
“As the motto says, ITI providing quality and affordable education for your future,” he said.
Meanwhile, David Daniels said they were hoping to increase the number of intakes next year by 120 per semester.
“Here at ITI, we only provide the sponsorship but it is up to the schools themselves to pick their selected student for this scholarship and, so far, it has been running really well and we are thinking of introducing it to other provinces too,” he said.