ITI scholarship programme gives 40 students a second chance

Youth & Careers

MORE than 40 students from high and secondary schools in Port Moresby have been accepted for the 2019 International Training Institute scholarship programme.
Institute managing director Senthil Kumaran Sentheyval said the total around the country was 89. “At the headquarters in Port Moresby, we prioritise schools from the rural areas of Central and selected some from schools in the National Capital District,” he said.
The total amount of the scholarship is K300,000 for the 89 scholars.
The programme is for students who have good marks but just missed out of selection to a university or college.
“We give them a second chance to pursue their studies again,” he said.
Kumaran said the programme had supported more than 400 students.
Another K300,000 will be allocated in 2020.
Tokarara Secondary School student Gyno Maino praised the teachers for being “friendly and hardworking”.

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