It’s all in the blood


Food supplements made by a UK-based company are promoted by an SME in Port Moresby and a number of people who have taken them have testified about their efficacy against common ailments and blood disorders.

THE life of a creature is in the blood; when the blood is clean, the whole body will be sound.
The simple logic that has Levitical roots has been ignored by man over millennia much to his own harm and misery.
While some diseases that have afflicted us could be blamed on external sources such as harmful microbiological organisms, the environment or climate, a fair share of our health woes have been self-induced. Chief, perhaps among these is the dreaded acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Medical breakthroughs have resulted in the elimination of some of these diseases but worldwide disease still abounds. This has given rise to the use of health food supplements which are basically intended to fire up the weakened immune system to fight disease and rid the blood of pollutants.
We have seen a lot of these mostly overseas-made supplements being promoted and sold here. Some have been promoted through multi-layer marketing with promises of both health and financial rewards.
SOS Essentials products are also currently being promoted by a Port Moresby-based SME but unlike the rest, there is no financial gimmick attached. Made by a UK-based company using American technology, these tonics and beverages made from essential plant oils have already brought relief and healing to people the world over.
SOS (Smart Organic Solutions) uses essential oils from plants like peppermint, clove, neem, geranium, black seed, frankincense, sweet orange, oregano, coconut and spearmint. These plants can be found here and in fact manufacture of such products makes one wonder about what could be done with the wonders locked away our own pharmaceutical warehouse. I’m speaking of resins, roots, barks, flowers, seeds and oils in the untouched forests and even domestic plants whose potential we have yet to fully understand!
RSSK Trading Ltd, a locally-owned SME operating out of the Business Incubation Centre at Hohola, Port Moresby is the current wholesale distributor of SOS Essentials products. The products are also sold by Skippy Fashion and Interior Design within the Courts Complex in Gordon. They are sold at K150 per 250ml bottle. Orders from out of Port Moresby attract an airfreight charge of K50.
The beverage known as SOS Advance basically is a blood cleanser is so far the fastest seller of the range of SOS Essentials products.
According to a company brochure, SOS Advance has been developed to help your body defend itself so it can overcome a wide range of ailments.
“Our bodies, were designed to eliminate toxins naturally. Unfortunately these days, with thousands of chemicals added to our food, in the air and water, our bodies can easily become over-burdened with these and its ability to protect itself can be compromised,” the brochure reads.
“Blood often becomes clogged with these pollutants which are carried around the body and are the cause of many ailments. SOS Advance and our range of products is now used by people with diabetes, blood pressure, tumours, digestive problems, arthritis, skin conditions, candida and other fungal problems.
“We use all natural plants and oils that have been known for hundreds of years to have properties that are effective in, stimulating and supporting the body’s healing process.
The range of products currently sold by RSSK Trading includes:
SOS OnCare beverage which is made with coconut and 14 different essential oils, all known for having health benefits which include reducing fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties and promotes cardiovascular health. Face and Body tonic can be used by people with skin complaints, such as dark spots on the skin, rashes, blemishes, acne, or eczema which affects up to 20 per cent of children and around 3 per cent of adults. Eczema often starts with itching and develops into a rash, often on the knees, hands, face, feet and wrists.
SOS Allieve is a powerful botanical solution based on fully natural oils and essences from a range of well-known plants and flowers, such as clove, oregano and cedar amongst others. It is non-toxic, carcinogen free and anti-bacterial. It is designed to be used on diseased or damaged skin. SOS Allieve has nano-colloidal properties which means it is able to penetrate skin deeply, providing effective relief from common complaints. SOS Allieve works at a cellular level which means it is able to penetrate skin deeply, providing great support from many complaints.
Here are a testimonials from a few Papua New Guineans who have taken SOS Essentials products:

  • Ps Rex Baundi of the Four Square Church who had a blocked urethra due to a prostrate problem and had to leave Port Moresby for his home in Jiwaka. While there, he underwent an operation at Kudjip Narazene Hospital and a urinary catheter was inserted to his bladder to drain urine. When he returned to Port Moresby, Katato, who had known him, put him straight on SOS Advance. Today, he experiences much less pain when passing urine.
  • A university professor says after getting two bottles of SOS Advance he had his prostate cancer in remission so he came back for two more bottles and said this was his first time that a herbal cure has helped him after trying others without success.

A bank manager says: “I was admitted to hospital for high blood pressure was on medication. I tried the SOS Advance and saw that my blood pressure was back to normal, so bought another three bottles. This is a real healing super supplement!”
“I am a young man from Gulf working in Port Moresby, I have been diagnosed with a rare denge fever disease (for 15 years). After taking one bottle of the product I had one of the best nights of sleep I have ever had. I experienced what I had never experienced before. I sweated out perspiration continually for what seemed like an hour, constant loose stool (diarrhea) and constant thirst. I later realised that, I was going through the cleansing process. I am now back to work and am planning on coming in to get more SOS Advance bottles.
Below are a couple of testimonials by medical practitioners:
I am Dr R Agyemang Demanya in Ghana. I used to be a Hepatitis B patient and unfortunately also infected my partner with the virus. We did all we could and also saw a number medical practitioners, but could not find cure to our ailments. We came across SOS Advance and ordered two courses each. We have recently been tested and now declared negative of the 2018.
SOS Advance has been life-changing for not only myself but hundreds of my clients. I have seen recoveries of various ‘dis-eases’ that clients have struggled with, some for in less than three weeks. Many that has even outwitted the medical profession!
When we understand that all ‘dis-ease’ emanates from issues in the gut-then to heal, it is essential to detoxify the systemic colonic pollution ensuring eradication of stealth pathogens which are the casuistry factor of inflammation and cellular damage, which then becomes drain on the immune system. SOS Advance deals with these issues quicker than anything else I have ever recommended. – Jonathan Frewing, ART practitioner, West Sussex, UK.

  • Enquires can be directed to RSSK Trading on 7192 5030 /75982014 or email

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