It’s never too late


IT does not matter if you are an achiever or not.
If you aren’t, then you can’t change your past.
You may not have a brand new beginning but you can have a brand new ending. Nothing is impossible for those who believe that success is possible.
Many students are out there without a place in tertiary institutions. Many came out with very good GPAs but just because of the lack of space in higher institutions, they are left out.
If you continue to persist in your education one way or another, you will one day come out of your shell and even beat the ones who are already in the education system.
Never lose sight of your direction.
Turning into crime is not an option. Figure out another way and get back your education.
Aim high and be determined that one day you’ll be somebody.
And remember that today’s experts were once beginners. They were once at a crossroads, but they chose not to give up.
What about you? Ten years from now, you’ll wish you had started today.
The choice is yours. I don’t think you want to regret getting back your education.

Glen Burua