Its ok to fail


YOU may fail to reach your major objectives or your magnificent obsession.
You don’t need to be ashamed, after all you have time and unconquerable power to use it.
Repeat victories over your failure are the step stone your ladder of success.
Every time you fail you have learning something new worth all the valuable assert in America. Everyone have the special power to conquer the life defects.
But because of the fact that, they don’t know how to use it we ended up failing.
We have all the energies to fight the winning battle, but it happened that we don’t focus on small things.
Every great thing starts with the humble beginning.
Future belongs to those who get up and walk.
A child cannot solve a puzzle game, but if continue trying, he will find the most easily and the quickest way to solve it.
Solving puzzle and problems are similar in character, they both share the same respect, become successful without failure will bring you to nowhere.
But with strugglers and pains will leave a meaningful stories.

Miamel Tom

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