Iwei must not forget people of Sisamin

Letters, Normal

The National

Sisamin is located on the southeastern tip of Sandaun near the border of Western province and Southern Highlands province.
The local people are building an airstrip themselves because seven months ago, they suffered a flash flood which destroyed the only link to the nearest airfield at Oksapmin and to make matters worse, the only health officer left because of lack of Government support.
The flash flood caused massive damage to food gardens while the only bridge link to Government service, four houses and the aid post that caters for at least 300 villagers were washed away.
It is seven months since the flash flood but there is still no sign of assessment on the damage being carried out by the Member Peter Iwei or his officials.
Does that imply that these people are not worthy of his services?
I praise the people of Sisamin in taking the initiative in building their own airstrip as this will lead to easy access to goods and services like health and education.
A note to the Member for Telefomin, please take time out from your busy schedule in Port Moresby to visit your people and see the hard work being done to improve their livelihood.


Riall Gabuogi
Paiam Rocks