Jackai closer to goal of being technical school teacher

Youth & Careers

JUNIOR Jackai, 24, of South Fly in Western, wants to become a teacher at a technical school after graduating with a Diploma in Accounting from the PNG Education Institute.
Jackai was among the 1602 graduates who were conferred certificates, diplomas and degrees. He worked for BSP in Daru.
For Jackai, it was not easy transitioning to teaching. He made the decision after he lost his father in 2016 when he was pursuing a degree in accounting at the University of PNG. He had to withdraw in the second year.
“When my father died, it seemed that all hope for me was gone because he was the person getting me through in my education,” Jackai said. Due to funding constraints, he opted to take up a one-year course at the institute.
“It is all about getting exposure and experience in different fields. I do not see my diploma as a waste but a gain. I am now determined to put some time to teach in a technical school and at the same time raise funds for the completion of my university programme,” he said.
Being an elder of three children, Jackai would be a helping hand also to his teacher mother to look after his younger siblings.

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