Jack’s of PNG aims to ‘raise the bar’ with new shop


JACK’S of PNG has opened its fifth store in the country located at Morobe Haus, Top Town in Lae, Morobe yesterday.
Managing director Mahesh Patel and general manager human resource Andu Rawali officially opened the shop.
Patel told The National that it was exciting to open the new shop in the Morobe capital.
He said City Pharmacy Ltd Group had been in the country for almost 30 years with the Jack’s stores having been established in Port Moresby in 2015.
“Starting in the nation’s capital we did the trials and learning before we opened our shop in Mt Hagen last year and earlier this year in Madang. So it’s Lae’s turn and this is a shop number five,” Patel said.
He said five shops in a population of 10 million people was not enough and the company would look at establishing more shops in the near future by studying markets and infrastructure availability.
Patel said Jack’s motto was to ‘raise the bar’ in getting right quality products as there are lots of fake and low level of products coming into the country.
“I think the consumers need to be educated to fill the products and understand what they are buying and our motto is to bring that quality up.”
He said copying out designs, printing and selling on cheap materials was a growing issue and gave an example of one town in the country where 2017 Independence designs had been copied sold out on the streets.
“I think ultimately consumers have to stand up and say, ‘We won’t take this rubbish’ and also the Government needs to take the lead with intellectual property and designs protection,” Patel said.
“It’s a big challenge not only in clothing, you’ll looking at foods and a whole range of other items.”
On the promotion of the local clothing industry in PNG and the Pacific, Patel said they were starting with PNG promoting local designers.
He said it was a growing industry and the company’s intention was to make it all home grown designs that were quiet unique in PNG from other Pacific Islands that could be showcase.


  • Thank you ‘Jacks’. Lae has been missing out on so many good things that have been happening in Port Moresby. ‘Jacks’ introduction in to the Lae community is welcoming news for the people of Morobe Province.

  • Thank Jacks for bringing in quality clothing to PNG. So much junk Chinese and used Australian clothes in PNG. Thank God at least we are able to get some decent clothing for PNG.. All the best Jacks and consider opening another branch in Rabaul or Kokopo. You will never go wrong in clothing business in PNG as PNGians don’t bargain but pay whatever price marked so long as it is quality ..

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