Jackson Airport will be ready for Apec, says minister


Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase confidently says all preparation work being done at Jackson International Airport for Apec will be completed by end of this month.
“In preparation for Apec, there’s a lot of work being done now to prepare the civil aviation system in the country for travel of leaders, business people coming to Papua New Guinea for Apec (leaders’ meeting next month),” he said.
Work by National Airports Corporation included:

  • Overlay of the main runway through a partnership costing K65 million over the last six months. The main runway was resealed and work concluded two months ago;
  • apron redevelopment to allow for bigger aircraft to be completed by end of this month;
  • work on VIP terminal between Air Niugini hangar and cargo section to be completed by Oct 31. It will process all passengers and delegates coming for the Apec meeting; and;
  • Building a concourse and a new arrow bridge at the old international terminal where the ceremonial car park is. It is set to be completed by Nov 5.

“We are confident all work will be completed by the end of this month, thanks to the tireless efforts of the contractors,” Manase said.
“All this work started in early August.
“Funding was made available by the National Government in mid-July. It’s a tremendous job they have done in a short space of time.
“There’s also work being done by PNG Air Services to have a new system in place which will be able to coordinate all flights in and out of our air space.
“Global positioning work is also being done to land the aircraft safely to some of our airports, particularly Jackson.
“As far as the civil aviation system is concerned, I’m proud to say that we are Apec-ready.”

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