Jail sex romps restricted to Bomana, say Buimo warders

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The National, Friday 24th May 2013


FEMALE warders at Buimo jail near Lae say allegations in the media of sexual activities between female warders and prisoners are confined to Bomana jail outside Port Moresby and do not reflect the other 19 prisons in the country. 

More than 10 women warders, accompanied by acting jail commander Judy Tara, told The National  yesterday that they had to speak out because their silence on the matter could be mistaken for a cover-up. 

They said what was happening in Bomana did not concern or affect other prisons such as Buimo. 

A Correctional Services report in March revealed that sexual indiscretions involving male and female warders and between warders and prisoners had contributed to many escapes by inmates.   

According to the report, CS officers were involved in the underworld sex trade network that compromised and affected their jobs.

While they appreciated officers raising issues about the CS,  “it would have been proper for him or her to be specific and name officers involved rather than generalise”, Tara said.

She said they were concerned  that allegations were hurting their reputation. 

The warders said the report would not only affect their marriages, families and children but provoke negative public perception.

“Our schoolchildren are already becoming uneasy at school because of teasing from school mates and friends,” Tara said.