Jailed 18yrs for slaying wife

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A 54-YEAR-OLD man who slashed his wife to death with a bush knife in January was jailed 18 years by the National Court on Wednesday.
Describing the murder as a “gruesome attack”, Justice Daniel Liosi presiding at the National Court in Kundiawa said Martin Bolkun claimed that he did not intend to kill his wife but to “teach her a lesson”.
“But the extent of the injuries tells otherwise. It was a gruesome attack,” he added. “There is a strong need for both personal and general deterrence in cases of murder.
“The state submits that the sentence must emphasise deterrence.
“This type of crime is prevalent in the region.
“Homicide, attempted murders, causing grievous bodily harm and wounding are so common. There is no respect for the sanctity of human life,” Justice Liosi said.
The court deducted 11 months pre-trial custody, leaving Bolkun, from Gembogl’s Memaugl village in Chimbu, to serve 17 years and 1 month in jail with hard labour.
On Jan 6, 2021, at about 10am, Bolkun was in his residence in White Corner in Kundiawa.
While armed with a bush knife, he waited outside the house for his wife, Lina Martin.
When she stepped out of her house, Bolkun struck Lina with the bush knife, slashing her legs and she collapsed.
Bolkun continued to attack her and inflicted severe injuries to her legs and hands.
Lina bled profusely and died at the scene.
Bolkun was arrested and charged with murder.
On Nov 17, 2021, Bolkun pleaded guilty to murder.
Bolkun apologised for his actions and also paid a compensation and “wari pei” of K31,000 and 13 live pigs to his wife’s relatives.
Bolkun said his ongoing marital problems had caused stress and frustrations over the years, especially on financial issues for his children’s education.