Jakarta trip changes women

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SIX women who have just returned from a month-long training in Jakarta, Indonesia through the global women in management programme (GWMP) are determined to change their homes, society and the country as whole.
They said when  womenfolk were empowered, the homes, societies and the nation’s economy would be empowered.
They are Veronica Kenesi–CDI Foundation Trust Fund, Community Radio Broadcaster; Naomi Samuel – Kutubu-Foe Women’s Association president; Kila Oumabe  Delta Green Field Women’s Marketing Ltd; Lydia Sisipai–CDI Foundation Trust Fund chairman; Agnes Siune –Department of Simbu division of education; and Florence Bunari Sondes – Soroptimist International, UN Programme Liaison.
Spokesperson Siune said they were determined to change the way they had been doing things.
“We are determined and we want to change our societies, our homes and, of course, PNG,” she said.
“We had some great experiences from the four weeks of intensive training learning new skills and acquired new knowledge that would enable us to improve our respective societies and organisation that we represent.
“We are well-equipped with multi-skills and our focus is at the community level,” Siune added.
An excited Oumabe, upon arrival, quickly declared: “I have a dream and that is to change my society, home and the Gulf people of Kaiam.”
The women said they had leant how to be effective entrepreneurs, empower other women and be good counsellors.
They said they had formulated their action plans and would soon  implement them.
They acknowledged ExxonMobil, Oil Search Ltd and other organisations for making their trip a success.
The trip was part of ExxonMobil and ExxonMobil Foundation through GWMP focusing on developing women entrepreneurs and business leaders; create an enabling environment for women’s economic participation and identify and deploy technologies that accelerate women’s economic advancement.