Jam at Erima is now a security concern

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THE traffic jam at Erima has evolved into a major public safety and security concern in Port Moresby. 
Criminals are snatching goods and personal items from cars that are moving at a snail’s pace due to the perpetual congestion at this notorious roundabout.  
Passengers on PMV buses and trucks have lost personal items to thugs who walk casually along the moving vehicles, grab valuables, and dash into the neighbourhoods. 
A few days ago, a passenger who attempted to fight off thugs that stole his family’s grocery was stabbed several times. 
Drivers trying to negotiate through the traffic chaos often ended up damaging their cars through collisions with other vehicles, thus incurring expensive maintenance costs.  
Erima roundabout is a nightmare!
NCDC and three companies (Global, Hebou and Dekenai) that constructed the three-lane road from Erima to the now defunct 8-Mile buai market should bear the blame.
The jam is caused due to a bottle-neck when all the cars scramble to squeeze into the one outbound lane leading to PAU and Hiritano Highway. 
I have travelled overseas quite a bit but I have never seen a city the size of Port Moresby building a three-lane road – one-lane out and two-lane into in the city.
It is preposterous for NCDC to award a project to three different contractors on a short stretch of road which has greatly inconvenienced city residents.
Such shabby de­sign and construction contributes to the ever increasing reputation of Port Mo­resby as one of the most unliveable cities in the world.
The only solution is to extend the single lane to a two-lane road.


Bonny Igime
Port Moresby