Jane needs funds urgently for brain operation

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EIGHT-year-old Jane Elizabeth John of Gulf province has been diagnosed with brain tumour that requires urgent medical attention in Australia.
The treatment will cost about K50,000; this operation will give Jane the opportunity to life and a normal childhood.
Jane’s parents could not afford this medical expenditure, her mother just bieng a primary school teacher at Kaugere primary school, solely providing for the family.
Jane’s problems began in June 2007 when she was diagnosed with brain tumor after initial symptoms of intermittent vomiting and progressively worsening headaches.
A CT scan of the head confirmed a brain mass which was deemed to have been due to tuberculosis (TB) infection of the brain.
She completed treatment after nine months last March.
The brain mass is situated in the third ventricle, causing obstruction and  resulting in hydrocephalus, which is water in the brain.
Another two CT scans of the head since completion of TB treatment showed progressively enlarged sizes of the tumour with accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid.
Jane’s case is being closely monitored by the pediatric team and a neurosurgeon.
But she needs further investigation of her brain tumour, which cannot be undertaken here.
“The tumor is now affecting her sight . . .  she cannot see that well but responds only to our voices,” her father John Tapuram said.
To preserve Jane’s functional vision and to save her life, the tumour must be removed to give her chance to normal life.
Her parents John and Aiva are appealing to the public for kind donations that will help towards raising the K50, 000.
To  donate please contact Aiva Koia on (71574689).