Janice excited to take on new challenge being a seafarer

Janice Semoso

SEAFARING has remained one of the most male dominated professions in the world, according to the PNG Ports Corporation Ltd (PNG Ports).
Seafarers have always been male dominated and ships were given a feminine identity because they were the male sailors’ companion out at sea for months.
Although recently, women have risen to the challenge to try their hands in this field and have sailed as crew members.
Set to make a difference, three young Papua New Guinean women, fresh out of school, dared to take on the role, supported by PNG Ports.
A few PNG sisters have already embarked on a similar journey and are sailing the seas somewhere where this trio are determined to follow.
Recently recruited under the PNG Ports maritime cadetship programme, the women are among a group of nine cadets selected under the programme.
Janice Semoso, from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, is one of the three female cadets.
Semoso said being a seafarer was never her dream, in fact, she had always wanted to be an airplane pilot, chasing sunsets.
Semoso has a love for physics and how machines work. She graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea in 2019 with a bachelor of science (majoring in physics).
While seeking employment, she applied to undergo training as an airplane pilot and was selected to attend the Coffs Harbour Flying School in New South Wales, but could not attend as the fees were too high.
Semoso is comfortable working with males because her chosen field of study had always been alongside boys.
“I am excited to be part of this programme and realise that this field is really interesting. It is something I never dreamt of doing, but why not,” she said.
This is just what the maritime cadetship programme is all about.
It is about daring young Papua New Guineans to dream, try new things and change cultural perceptions.
Through the programme, PNG Ports wants to provide the opportunity for young Papua New Guineans, especially females, to become future leaders in the maritime industry, as well as the organisation and the country.
PNG Ports managing director Fego Kiniafa, commended the three women for making the bold decision to join the programme.
“You have made the right decision, you are now going into a male dominated field,” he said.
“You have my support and I can assure you that you also have management support.”
Kinafa told the female cadets to never hesitate to ask for help, advice or raise issues whenever they wanted to as PNG Ports was backing them to succeed and would see them through to the end of the programme.
“The cadets will be trained, mentored and guided throughout the duration of the programme,” he said.
The cadets for this batch are Jemma Paeke, Jeremy Yaul, Shane Gabonen, Semoso, Joseph Steven, Frank Morerei, Nason Dumo, Rayleen Inawasa and Linson Malonga.