Japan keen to assist PNG run protected area policy


THE Japanese Government and the people are very happy to assist Papua New Guinea implement its protected area policy, an official says.
Japanese International Cooperation Agency (Jica) chief representative to PNG Takashi Toyama was referring to the revival of the Varirata National Park at Sogeri in Central under the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority – Jica project on biodiversity conservation.
The project looks at implementing the new policy introduced recently to address the emerging challenges facing conservation projects and programmes in the country.
It aims to develop and improve livelihoods by driving and enhancing economic activities through eco-tourism and other eco-friendly activities in a sustainable way.
The implementation is being done in parts of Central and the National Capital District.
Project sites includes the park for terrestrial (land) protected areas and Bootless Bay for marine protected areas.
It will be implemented in other parts of the country based on the success of the pilot projects.
Toyama said Japan and its people were happy to provide the technical support to PNG.
“Jica is very happy to fund the revival of the Varirata National Park that will assist the project in implementing the protected area policy in Papua New Guinea,” Toyama said.