Jealousy towards others’ success only holds us back

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 I SUPPORT what Allan Bird said in Madang during the small and medium enterprises (SME) summit. 

Yes, in PNG, jealousy is one of the biggest impediments to one becoming a successful businessman or woman. 

Look at what is happening in the Wartoto Saga. 

The man was  a long-time businessman before venturing into the airline industry but now it looks like someone wants him down because of his success. 

He may have gained some funds without following proper procedures, but he has owned up to it, so let him reimburse the amount with interest to pay and let him continue his business. 

Could it be because he is not an expatriate, but a local guy and people are jealous of him?

Everyone from politicians down to the grassroots need to understand that things do not just happen overnight for one to be a successful entrepreneur. 

I do not know the man, but as a Papua New Guinean, I am happy for his success and the others who are doing well in their private businesses. 

Maybe some only want foreigners to come and work while they relax and benefit through selling land or renting properties because they cannot do things for themselves but laze around and reap the fruit of others’ sweat. 

This habit of being jealous of our own people’s success must stop. 

Many people do not realise that such mentality only prolongs their own misery and state of self-pity. 

PNG needs a hardworking population.

It is hard work, sweat and tears that bring success in the end. 

So fellow Papua New Guineans, be humble, work hard and do not try to steal from those who work and sweat to earn. 

Those who work hard will always harvest the fruit of their labour, but those who do not will not receive anything. 

God help change our people’s mindsets for the better.

Let us support one another and live successful lives side by side. 


Seko Sisiwan

Port Moresby