Jenelyn’s funeral on Friday

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JENELYN Kennedy, the 19-year-old mother-of-two whose death at home a fortnight ago sparked public outrage, will be laid to rest on Friday.
Family spokesman Thomas Opa confirmed yesterday that the funeral service at the Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby at noon will be followed by her burial at the 9-Mile cemetery.
Jenelyn’s lifeless and battered body was left at the Port Moresby General Hospital by three men who came in a vehicle then left hurriedly.
Her partner Bosip Kaiwi is facing a charge of wilful murder and currently detained at the Bomana Prison.
Opa said her body would be taken from the funeral home on Thursday to the family residence to overnight before her funeral.
“The family will move her body/casket on Thursday afternoon from the Funeral Home at Erima to overnight at the family residence, then proceed to the funeral service on Friday,” he said.
The funeral service is expected to start around noon.
“However, for those who wish to attend the service, we invite you to come prior to that time,” Opa said.
He said the Kings Men Gospel Group will start with praise and worship from 10am.
“The funeral service is expected to end at 3pm and the casket will be transported (accompanied by the cortege) to her final resting place,” Opa said.
“We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for you condolences, prayers, encouragement, support, love and kindness during this time of great pain and sorrow.
“The nation has now awaken.
“You all are truly angels fighting for a greater cause.”


  • Mek and Woumandi – she was murdered and any reason to justify the murder’s action should not and will not be considered in anyway to lessen nor remove the charge of murder!!

    We are human beings and are better educated and can reason better than animals so don’t classify us all like Bosip Kaiwi (whom you’re trying to support from your posts here). Animals like Bosip Kaiwi shouldn’t be living amongst man in this era. He is a murderer and will be a known as one!!

  • Bosip Kaiwi sentence for life imprisonment as the final solution. Sick and tired of such violence in country. Enough is enough.

  • Very sorry and rest in peace
    I have a question here, yes it is very true Mr. Kawi was wrong to kill her, we all a very sorry for her lost but the question is what was the real nature of this incident that lead to her death, it must be something very serious in their marriage that is why this has happen.
    We as a general public also needed to know the real nature of this death.

    • I totally agree with you Tonny, No man will behave in such a manner unless his/her partner had done something that bad. Its sad that she died at a very young age. Im not sure if it is just me, or have we not heard Mr. Kaiwi’s side of the story explaining his actions, all we heard was that he was a jealous husband.

  • My family send our sincerest sympathies to late Jenelyn’s family and her two young children. May she RIP

  • when we have sufficient evidences before the court, what are all this excuse ? PNG is heading to another trend in VOILENCES AGAINST WOMEN,where is justices?
    A much bigger protest needed in this ISSUES……

  • he does not care about life in his own country than he does not even concern and being are changing generations in this country so i could not see any good reason behind the CS to be on his side. noken think2 long mani na meking olsem let the justice be prevailed or else planti kain pasin bai go worse..

    concern citizen

  • PNG women lives matter
    Jenelyn, you are an ICON of the struggle for the right of girls and women in PNG. The fight agianst male supremacy will continue until the safty and equlity of girls and women is guaranteed in the country.

    Jenelyn, your will be remember always as a symbol of the struggle for liberity and equality in PNG and beyond. The fight against social injustice wil not stop until PNG ensures the equality of women in political, economic and social spheres of the nation.

    Jenelyn, rest in peace!!! May Good restore the strength of your family and frends in this tough time.

  • Tony;
    I don’t understand your question nor your train of thought here.
    Have you read in the daily papers, and watched the news on TV?
    Everything surrounding her death was shared or brought to light by the baby sitter (who is her best friend), her relatives and etc.
    She was brutally murdered by a very controlling, abusive, psychopathic person.
    He is very Disturbed man.

  • Very sorry and hope her soul rest in peace as the way she died was in a horrified way. We need to stop this kind of behavior and make an example of this person BK by sentencing him life years in prison.

  • The most horrible fact is her family’s permission to get married in her teenage years. They should be held accountable.

  • This killer must also be charged for underage marriage. God’s grace and comfort to the members of Late Jenelyn family and relatives.

  • my tears continue randown by looking at her story on daily news paper,the saddest part is,Is Jenelyn say Goodbye to her 2 beautiful Babies ??papa why should yu let her go to her family’s in peace if you don’t love her anymore…

  • whatever the reason was noone has the right to take another’s life all you have to do is to make them move on with life.
    I am sure life has alot more to offer and mind you money is not the answer to everything so long as you are still breathing is what matters.

  • In the inner most of my heart representing my family i am conveying our condolences to you late JENNELYN may your good soul rest in internal peace.

  • We are all sinners. Who are you to take the place of God to judge your fellow men.? Sometimes God allows situations so that lessons be learned and true change prevails.

  • whatever the reason bosip had, to kill jennelyn does not justify his brutal actions. so those of you trying to assume that he had his own reasons for doing so. just stop trying to justify on his behalf. you can never change the mindset of many papua new guineans on boship.

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