Jenelyn’s partner charged

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Bosip Kaiwi, who is charged with wilful murder.)

POLICE have charged a man with wilful murder over the death of 19-year-old mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy last Tuesday in Port Moresby.
A statement issued by divisional police commander for the National Capital District and Central, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jr, and Metropolitan Superintendent N’dranou Perou said Bosip Kaiwi, Jenelyn’s partner, was facing a charge of wilful murder.
He is being detained at the Boroko police station and expected to appear in court today.
“He was formally arrested and charged and will appear in court on Monday (today) to ensure a warrant is issued for his transfer to the Correctional Service (CS) at Bomana,” the statement said.
Kennedy’s battered body was dropped off at the Port Moresby General Hospital by three men in a white vehicle (registration number provided) last Tuesday.
Meanwhile, Eva Wangihama of the Laity Commission said men should not use their masculinity to exert power over the weaker sex.
She urged the Government to educate men on proper conduct and ethical behaviour.
She said taking someone’s life was a mortal sin. The sixth commandment states “thou shall not kill”.
Marie Mondu, Development Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference said “justice is not enough. We want all violence to end”.
“It is alarming to see young women and girls brutally murdered by partners almost every month in PNG,” she said.


  • Bosip Kaiwi never made it to court this morning for reasons unknown.

    sounds fishy, looks like someone in higher power and influence is in play now.

    Justice Please!!

  • Whose that stupid person from the higher power preventing from coming to court. He must face the court.

  • Bosip Kaiwi – take a good look at yourself in front of a mirror – your a bloody pervert and moron!! Your action is tarnishing the image of alot of us good man who value women and stand up for them. Such idiots like you dont fit the calibre of real man!!

    He needs to be put away for good…a woman is dead and why should he live, see daylight, breath air. He should not be sitting up in jail too because he still gets to breath air and maintain a life. His case needs every possible intervention to get justice served!

  • Such a cowardly act. Do you have sisters?? Do have a mother??- Absolutely! Do you have daughters?? Do not value your mother, your sisters and daughters. What a moron you are. A brainless animal that do not have any emotions, value and dignity for womenfolk. PNG should have a trail test “Death Penalty” on you. Can’t write any further because I love and value my wife, my four daughters and pray that my daughters will be loved a by husband that will love and value their existence in life.

  • About time PNG execute the death penalty. too many excuse of ‘Christian Country” is causing injustice for women. Back in Jesus time, people where killed and stoned to death for committing horrendous crimes. what differene is there from his time 2000 years ago and now. PNG STEP UP TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. law enforces are to be blamed for taking on bribes, they should feel guilty for her death. they have all contributed to her death.

    • Police men and soldiers are among the worst wife bashers. That’s why they are always slow and ineffective in responding.

      • If there is no corruption, we will see just prevail in this land. Ugly head of corruption is once again showing, when this gutless, spineless, brainless coward called “bosip kaiwi” failed to appear in court. Iam starting to feel sick in the stomach as our calls for justice for Jenelyn could all be in vain.

    • It is really true Nelson, such man have no sense of love and care they like animal mind, did he even had the time to see how much pain she was taking at one point at latest he should stop and see how he was killing such a beautiful woman who had two kids I’m sort of words…..after all whats the all reason of getting married and having children where is that LOVE, But at one point money plays a role in a mans life check some of his videos on YouTube bible says in 1 Timothy 6-10 MONEY IS ROOT OF EVERY EVIL …been a young girl its so much to think about…

  • I am with you Nelson, Drive test “Death Penalty “long Kain ol meri face man olsem em bai orait stret because He is not a human being anymore. Just another animal that should be given a new name according to his actions.

  • Please use him as an example for DEATH PENALTY so that it will be a message to all those violant and cruel husbands and boyfriends out there. At least to give them some form of consideration and see the value of life. ONE LIFE IS ALL WE’VE GOT!

    • Marfix you are right, I support you death penalty must be given and wife burshers will see and at least learn from him. My husband is a very violent person since the day one of our marriage ie: for 8 years now. Such culprits like him should learn from this. I am saying this because mi tu wankain osem late Jennelyn n just ran away from my husband leaving my two boys.

  • Jennelyn Kennedy Needs Justice for her death!!!!!!!!!PERIOD!!

    No women,mother,girl,daughter.sister or wife deserves to be treated this way for countless years,months,weeks,days,hours,minutes & seconds just for your guilty ways..
    Taking into account of the non-stop beating she received from this inhumane act!!

    Bomana is the right place and the safest place for you right now BHOSIP KAIWI,cause if the public gets a hold of you there will be no MERCY!! AND I REPEAT NO MERCY WHATSOEVER!!

  • All my bothers and sisters who have commented, I supported you all because such cruel action needs attention for justice to prevail. The right penalty to this crime is DEATH PENALTY or else I will never satisfy.
    Over to you Judges to execute the Judgement on him !THE ANIMAL!

  • Boship can’t have been released from Police Cell or Bomana..somebody please tell me it’s a joke and it’s not happening! There should be a big sign on top of his fuckin head saying “I’m a murderer and I deserve o die”.

  • This is a tremendous act of violence.
    The perpetrator has no place on this earth. He can not respect, love and live with other human beings, in this case his wife.
    Let him out from wherever and let all torture him to death too.

  • Justice must prevail those who assist him must be investigated and locked behind bars .God will continue to bless our mothers and daughters out there.

  • Psychopath, coward and a great LOSER in all ethical ways! I don’t believe you ever deserved her! She hung onto you out of fear. You show your strength to the weaker breed and call yourself man. And I concur with one of the comments above, you shouldn’t be breathing the air you deprived your partner of having. Such a pathetic loser you are!

  • Every FB and main Mass Media has already commented and I have the same sediments but just I want quote late Janelyn’s last WORDS while she was in agony “NO MORE, ENOUGH”. These 3 words must go into PNG History for our next generation to know.

  • Can the authorities give us an update on how many of the recent high profile cases of assault and murder of our mothers, sisters and daughters; how many of the perpertrators so far have been successfully convicted for their crimes and now serving prison terms, how many pending, and how many let off with a slap on the wrist (because officers either took bribe, were influenced, pressured or were simply lazy to do their job)?

    I have a glowing suspicion that 95% of the culprits are back on the streets, enjoying, “life” while of parents, children, relatives of the deceased are still coming to terms with the loss. Please tell me I’m wrong !

  • #Justice for Jenelyn#
    Judges must execute justice without fear or favor…
    The whole nation is watching…

  • I plead with other innocent women and girls but some they deserved to be treated as such as we all are humans with same instinct and feelings.There are women who are very violent against interovent men….how can the law deal with these type of women. ? Can they be allowed to be violent and unfaithful to their men and the law continue to protect them ? Is that Justice also ?

    • JoJo, em stret. That’s another side of the coin. That one needs some consideration as well.

    • That’s a different story altogether. This is Jenelyn Kennedy who was murdered by Bosip Kaiwi. Hello…o… Jojo, are you for Jenelyn or that brainless husband, Bosip. Jenelyn deserves justice for her life. Your cast can wait until justice for Jenelyn is served.

    • Nothing justifies, the killing of another person unless they are your sworn enemy on a battlefield.

  • A wife torturer and wife killer should not be allowed to live amongst good men in society. What is the guarantee that when he will not kill again once free. His life should also be terminated for good or for life.

  • We call on the investigation team, arresting officer, CID and the procecutor to compile a file that will not leave any loop holes for the ulprit’s defence lawyer. A lot of straight forward cases have been thrown out due to very poor police effort by incompetent and corrupt police officers. The baby sitter is the key witness. Her safety now is paramount. Her movements should be monitored as she can be kidnapped or assesinated. The judge’s decision will depend very much on the only key witness. When devil uses money, any unimaginable can happen to the advantage of the defender. Whoever lawyer that will defend the culprit must know that God is watching and will defend the innocent. Be careful to obstruct God’s divine justice. A very competent legal team should ensure that a presedense should be set for the culprit to receive maximum life sentence. No killer should escape God’s punishment.

  • If this murderer dosent get charged and be incarcerated for life, then what will become of all our womenfolk???? How can we ever guarantee their safety when they get married????
    Ba yumi larim dai blo late Jennelyn kamap narapla statistic osem planti dai igo pinis lo han bilong man bilong ol a????
    These crooks working in the law and recieving bribes for the liberty of narcissicistic, psychopathic imbicile pervert! should be ashamed of yourselves!!! You’re no lesser than a stray bitch scavenging the streets of POM. How can the lawyer/ whoever it is, not have the court documents ready for the court mention today???? This is madness! You’re inefficient!!!
    Please let’s put up a picture of this murder on all notice boards/ settlements/ public transport facilities in POM and around the country. Make sure every citizen is aware of this prick Bosip Kaiwi!!! Let his face serve as a reminder to all us menfolk everyday of how animalistic, evil and inhumane he is so we can reflect and treat our ladies as should!! This looser! Sadist! Lowlife! Ugly faced monster! should be embed in all men so that if we see him anywhere besides CIS Bomana, please do the honorable thing and give him the slow painful death he so much deserves!!! ( Law wok lo fail lo mekim wok stret so yumi traim mekim osem na lukim husait wok lo kisim bribe stap na bagarapim mama law blo displa beautiful kantri blo yumi! Let’s put a bounty on his head!!!)

  • PNG Women lives Matter!! Justice for Jenelyn Kennedy.
    PNG women, be United and stand up for your right. Go to the streets and make your voice heard by the eleders, polititians and policy makers of the nation. Enough is enough!!!

    PNG remains hell and dark until men’s supremacy exist in the country.

  • Many killings in this island country. It is a wake up call and test for the government. How can the government eliminate or to end the killings and heard the cries of the women and girls? Png is not safe to live. Some PNGans working and living in overseas are afraid to bring their foreign wifes and families back home. Does this government has any plans? Going to Bomana jail and rehabilitated them again is lot of freedom. These murders must be chained and lock them under ground tunnels without lights for years. They are no use in the society

  • The Government and the people from the higher power must make sure that Bhosip Kaiwi should not walk out freely. He must still face the law. It’s good that we don’t practice death penalty in Papua New Guinea which Bhosip Kaiwi is still alive. Therefore, Bhosip Kaiwi should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

  • This guy is a looser.He should be put to death sentence to set an example to all men in PNG to know.
    This Poor inoccent pretty girl is not breathing and you are breathing.not fair,Just kill the guy to compensate for the loss life.

  • Shame on you how on earth would you make yourself very low among all men,Your insecurity shows how weak and low life you are , only weak and immature people and almost dying people like you use fear as a tool to control and intimate weak people ..

  • Just send murderer to prison (dark cell) for life years. Ensure the CIS don’t release him on any circumstances/situation. Also be aware of his cronies as they have a lot of money to play.

  • Bosip Kaiwi you no wanpla man yaaaa, arere blo olgeta animal ya… If death does not applied to Bosip Kaiwi, just sentence the that ANIMAL to prison for life sentence.

  • just murder charge? there should be more then that

    can that be published as well??

  • This is unethical, the guy need to be punished immediately rather than asking for justice. There is no trust and honest that value the integrity of men and I don’t believe about justice. Need to sacrifice him because he deserve to die too.

  • Kaiwi, people of PNG do not want you and love you. Do you think GOD also likes you? You are one of God’s image and yet you murdered another image of GOD.
    GOD created you as a MAN and Jenelyn created as a WOMAN by GOD. If you were JENELYN, THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN YOU MARRIED, and if Jenelyn were you, how would you feel and how would you respond to such behaviour you have created.
    You deserve to be punish in what ever the justice want because you’re a DEVIL…

  • I agree with all comments that have been made, I am a father of daughter who died in the same manner as Jennelyn, but fact of the matter is whatever the manner of justice will be pronounced on Kaiwi, it will not heal the pain the parents are feeling. Whether it’s dead penalty, life imprisonment, compensation or even set free. Please God help us to respect the life on another person as we will all be accountable for our actions. The justice system on on earth will fail us but God justice is fair to all.

  • what more of an evidence do we need to justify for poor jenelyns death, is the baby sitter not giving enough hard verbal clear information to the police why wasting time just put him on the lethal injection …

  • I agree with all the comments and this evil, awful, devil, dogman, and culprit don’t deserve to live and enjoy life anymore. Ayo Kain man ya gutpla lo putim timber or iron antap lo head blo em ya!! Ayo Yu bagarapim nem blo ol narapela gutpla PNG men who don’t treat their wives like that. Yu demon possessed!! Evil Man!! Sapos Mama Karim Yu Bai Yu sori lo Meri yu kilim, Yu mas Kam outside lol hole blo stone or diwai ya olsem na Yu no sori lo Meri Yu kilim?

  • Year after year, government after government, so much money has been injected into campaigns to eradicate such serious uncalled for violence however to no avail. This time around, I would call this an EYE OPENER, OPPORTUNE TIME, GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for the justice system to prevail. NOT LATER. Look around and ask someone on the street… Everyone seem united in their concerns, opinions, emotions and most of all in HEART. The Lord has allowed beloved yet innocent late Jenelyn’s fate to protect the lives of the entire women population in PNG to fulfil their real purpose in life. To all my honourable leaders, have a closer look at “Romans 8:28” and reflect. You might realise that you are where you are now to fulfil the purpose of God. RISE UP PNG & SET THE CORRECT PRECEDENCE IN JUSTICE once and for all. God bless PNG.

  • Just kill him only waste of time going to court and everything it won’t make any difference if he goes to bomana too
    Let him die the same way jenelyn suffered and died he’s are useless brat, piss off shit who deserves nothing in this world

  • Honestly it is just plain hard to comprehend such behaviour, Tell me anyone, Is this Boship Kawai on some kind of drugs or is he simply being possessed by the devil himself ??? Urggggggggggghhhhh

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