Jerry happy to do volunteer work to stay off the streets

Youth & Careers

BOB Jerry is happy to be a volunteer for the City Mission at Mirigeda, along the Magi Highway.
“Before I volunteered to join the City Mission, I was doing other things, roaming the streets. I wanted to do something better for my own good,” Jerry said.
“Being part of the City Mission has had so much impact in my life. We do so much activity on the farm planting, weeding, herding and many more.
“With all these activities refocusing our time and mind to stay away from crime, we have learnt a lot about life as well.
“I have a place to sleep, there is food and water provided. We have lights ,too, and with that. I don’t regret volunteering to be part of this mission.
“I am very thankful because even if I work, I still cannot afford all the benefits that I have now as a volunteer.
“City Mission, through the help of our sponsor Malaysian Association of PNG, really has done a lot for us, especially the unfortunate.”

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