Jet fighters to showcase capabilities


TWO Australian Air Force jet fighters will fly over Port Moresby today as part of the 2018 Apec preparations.
Prime Minister and Apec Minister Peter O’Neill said the hosting of the summit involved a joint security operation with partners, including Australia.
Security elements include such fighter jets plus land and maritime forces.
“As PNG prepares to host the Apec summit in November 2018, more than 200 lead-up meetings will take place beginning with the Apec Transportation Minister’s meeting in Port Moresby on Friday (tomorrow),” O’Neill said.
“Two FA18 Super Hornets from the Royal Australian Air Force will visit Port Moresby for a demonstration of capability and a briefing.
“On departure, they will do a fly-over of Ela Beach for the public to see. As we move closer to the Apec summit, our security cooperation with our partners will increase.
“Apec is one of the most important multilateral forums in the world today, involving the leaders of countries that account for more than half of global trade. Ensuring the highest level of security is a priority for the Government.”

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