JFK’s words get Gande to build


In the words of John F Kennedy, Kundiawa businessman Paul Gande said, ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.
These words of former US president Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, have inspired Gande to do something to add value to his Four Kona town of Kundiawa.
Gande and wife Wari have been running a 24-hour coffee shop at the main Highlands bus stop for six years.
Now they want to expand their business into a block of rental flats.
The couple started the coffee shop in 2011 and traded under WP Coffee Shop.
They serve Chimbu’s home-grown Kongo Coffee to passersby.
Gande, of the Kamaneku tribe, the traditional landowners of Kundiawa town, said his small shop had received many positive comments from members of the public, including drivers and night commuters who travel along the Highlands Highway.
He boasts that his coffee shop provides the best coffee in the Highlands.
“Doctors, nurses, security guards and police officers particularly those on night shifts, benefit a lot from my shop,” Gande said.
The coffee shop also sells food and groceries.
“With the small to medium-sized enterprise coming on board, I’ve decided to expand my company’s operations which will directly serve the interests of other business communities in the province and region,” Gande said.
“This is the single most important undertaking I’m planning to take on board in the next course of my business.”
The three-storey building is being designed by architects Sun City Corporation Ltd.
Once the designs are in place I want a good developer with reputable track records to put up the infrastructure,” Gande said.

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  • In order to travel million miles we don’t start with two or more steps but we usually start with only one step. Likewise, every successful person,especially the successful business men start from the little things.

    Congratulations Gande!

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