Jimi no longer in back page of WHP

Letters, Normal

The National

JIMI MP Wake Goi has put infrastructure deve­lopment as his top priority and carried out some impact projects.
As the councillor of Meginpol ward in Upper Jimi district, I am pleased with what Mr Goi has done since entering office in 2007.
He has shown leadership quality and has equally distributed the K4 million allocated to hu­man infrastructure deve­lopment; goods and basic services; new major impact projects like satellite phone in Ambullua, Kok, Tapi Buka and Koi­nabe.
Mr Goi has made infrastructure development and rural electrification project as priority.
The people are now forced to carry bags of coffee, dead bodies and women in labour for some 12km to Kol sub-health centre.
The rural electrification project will light up the so-called back pages of WHP.
This is the first time the people will get to enjoy such basic amenities.
Mr Goi has thus far lived up to his promises to bring Jimi from the back page to the front page.
The new road link to Meginpol has been completed while a bridge over the Walne River will be constructed once the 3km road on the other side of the river is completed.
It will benefit six council wards – Meginpol, Yewaremol, Omin, Bu­pultunga, Dungo and Guma – which have a population of 4,500.
Jimi has been sailing along without a rudder for far too many years until the election of Mr Goi into Parliament in 2007.
God has heard the cries of the Jimi people and I am forever grateful for that.
This is a new chapter for many people in Jimi.
The MP is now laying the foundation and has set a standard for future leaders in the district to emulate and follow.
On behalf of the people of Jimi, I would like to commend and thank Mr Goi for bringing tangible development to the electorate.

John Kombuk
Mt Hagen