Jimi on the road to improvement

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 IN response to a June 26 letter by Peter Kopa, of Tabibuga, we agree with the writer and note his comments.

I want to say that if he is a true son of Jimi, he will recall that in the past 20 years, the district administration has not been functioning well.

Past governments made empty promises and we are very mindful of that. 

Our current priority is for the government to focus on roads and bridges as well as education and health infrastructure that has been lacking in the past. 

If you have not been to Jimi after the 2012 election, we assure you that the Lopme-Gunai road is back to normal including a permanent bridge at the Kuona-Las Wari North Waghi road to Jimi. 

The government injected K1 million for road improvements and upgrading, which is in progress, including Banz-Kuiona road to Kol subdistrict and Jimi district headquarters in Tabibuga. 

The district’s public service machinery is at work and the Jimi High School is back to normalcy. 

The current government is also delivering vital services including priority infrastructure projects, roads and bridges (a bridge from Wara Pind to Lower Jimi, Konmo Bridge to connect Kuop-Koriom, Mogoni, Kulunga-Kosap to Bupukule and Wara Tsau Bridge to connect Tsenga and Kants and Binj Kon Bridge to link Upper Jimi). 

The road construction from Kimil to Maikmol and to link Kwipun council ward is another priority area along with other projects for health, education and agriculture that will depend on the improvement of roads and bridges. 

The existing district infrastructure are being renovated and maintained, including the government station electrification project. 

Thank you for your concerns for the Jimi population.

The current government surely believes in teamwork under one umbrella. 


Robert Kalia