Jimi road needs experts


AN outback and most disadvantaged Jimi Road is the only land link to the outside world.
It costs the outback district population of 50,000-plus consumers three-quarters of their district services improvement programme funds every year.
To reveal the truth about Jimi Road, all hard work, resources, money, time and effort of MP Wake Goi goes to waste every time nature shows no mercy with its frequent heavy downpours.
In trying to address this plight of this most-rugged and mountainous electorate, its current MP, who is also Works Vice–Minister, continues from when his predecessor Mai Dop has stopped.
For Jimi Road to withstand nature and its negative impacts requires more funding from donor agencies.
It also needs overseas technical expertise and world-recognised civil contractors to build Jimi Road to remain in good condition for ages.

Paul Minga
Voice for Outback Jimi
Binz – Ambang