Jimi still waiting for its five -year plan

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013

 IN response to a letter by Robert Kalia of Tabibuga (The National, July 9), I  disagree with his statements. 

Let me correct him that the Lopme-Gunai road is still in a state of disrepair and the Kuiona-Las Wari Bridge is an initiative of the Jiwaka provincial government. 

The K1 million funding for the Banz to Kol and Tabibuga road may have been disbursed but there is nothing on the ground to show for it.

The public service machinery in Jimi is hardly seen operating. 

As a true son of Jimi, he should visit all corners of the district and provide facts and figures as well as concrete advice to the Jimi MP, Mai Dop,who should not be based in Port Moresby while assuming that the district is functioning well. 

Most of the priority areas mentioned are mammoth tasks and cannot be achieved in a mere five-year term. 

The true state of affairs in the province is a far cry from what he describes as happening.

Please be truthful, honest and transparent in what you say so that we all contribute meaningfully to develop our remote place.

As an adviser to the Jimi MP, he has to sit down with Dop and the district budgetary priority committee to come up with a full five-year plan and budgetary allocations for the priority areas mentioned. 

All other MPs have launched their five-year plans, but where is ours? 

Please produce a five-year development plan and circulate it among the Jimi people, instead of providing lip service. 

Long live the true sons and daughters of Jimi. 


Peter Kopa